Madison Approach Staffing offers a broad and comprehensive package of fringe benefits to both its Temporary Employees and its Payroll Transfers (Payroll Transfers are those who were recruited by the client and are referred to MAS by the client strictly for payroll processing services).  Our benefits package is more fully described below.


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Benefits to both Temporary Employees and Payroll Transfers:

  • Employee Insurance:  You are covered by Unemployment, Disability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance. We also contribute to Social Security in an amount equal to your contribution.  These insurance programs cover all employees of Madison Approach Staffing. Madison Approach Staffing provides an employee-contribution MVP and MEC medical plan. Eligibility is based upon an eligibility matrix established by PPACA.   

  • Refer a Client:  We want to keep you and everyone else at Madison Approach Staffing working.  If you know of a company that can benefit from our services, call or write us.  You will receive a $50.00 bonus after they have used our temporary services for 35 hours, $300.00 bonus if a client makes a permanent hire.

  • Refer a Friend:  We are always looking for good people like you!  If you know of someone who would be happy working for us, let us know.  You will receive a $50.00 bonus for every person you refer who works at least 35 hours for Madison Approach Staffing, and $300.00 bonus if a friend is hired on a permanent job and completes the guarantee period.


    Benefits for Temporary Employees:

  • Holiday Pay**:  Our Temporary employees are eligible for holiday pay after they have accumulated 700 consecutive hours.  The paid holidays are:

    Memorial Day

    Fourth of July

    Labor Day

    Thanksgiving Day

    Christmas Day


    In order to be paid for the holiday, you must work the day before and after the holiday.  If the client company is open for business, you must work the day of the holiday if the client requests it; however you will still be paid for the holiday in addition to your regular pay if you have accumulated the required hours, not to exceed 40 hours per week.  Holiday pay will be paid at your current hourly rate up to 7 hours.  You must be currently on assignment to qualify for holiday pay. You must keep track of your hours and notify your counselor when you qualify.

    Vacation Pay**:  Our Temporary employees are eligible for one week’s vacation pay after accumulating 1800 hours (based on one year of employment at 35 hr work week) of continuous employment.  You will be paid at your average hourly rate and average number of hours per week for the year (up to 35 hours).  You must keep track of your hours and notify your counselor when you qualify. You must use your vacation pay within one year of becoming eligible (i.e. use it or lose it), you may not use more than 35 hours of vacation at once, you must not have breaks in employment or you will lose time, and must currently be on assignment.



    *Madison Approach Staffing (MAS) reserves the right to discontinue any and all benefit programs at any time without prior notice to employees. Benefits to employees are also contingent upon and/or superseded by contracts established between MAS and the client company.


    ** Payroll Transfers are eligible for these benefit programs if the client authorizes payment of Holiday and Vacation time on a weekly Timesheet. For example, if your regular work week is 35 hours and your supervisor approves the holiday, your total hours for the week on your timesheet remain 35 hours.  If your supervisor authorizes Vacation time, you must submit a signed timesheet for the authorized Vacation time.


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